Where we've come from.
Where we've come from.
BiblioCommons began as a non-profit youth literacy initiative. Through a teen summer reading pilot project with the Toronto Public Library, we began to explore and understand the potential leverage of the online public access catalog (OPAC).

As we worked on the pilot project, we began to wonder... What if we could insert the conversation where the patrons already were: within the OPAC?

For us, a social context runs deep to the core. It’s not a frill or a fad. It’s fundamental to the process of discovery and engagement with the collections and fundamental to the mission of public libraries.

BiblioCommons didn't set out to create a better online catalog for public libraries. We just ended up there.

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Where we're going.
Where we're going.
We envision a public digital space where communities of readers and learners help each other discover and explore the ideas, information and stories that are the public library's collections and services.

We live in a world increasingly divided by opportunity, by beliefs and by loneliness. Luckily, public libraries have always been about narrowing divides and building stronger, more informed communities. The library brand stands for much more than just access to free content. It also stands for trust, neutrality, openness, inspiration and the freedom to explore one's curiosity wherever it may lead.

But new needs are emerging and the library must continue thinking ambitiously about ways of addressing these needs.

BiblioCommons is here to help.

The team that's taking us there.
Our team at BiblioCommons is a diverse group coming from both technical and library backgrounds. We are focused, collaborative and fiercely passionate about delivering a better online library experience.